Modern Homes Los Angeles Real Estate Services Reviews

Working with Steve was an honest-to-goodness pleasure. He took the time to really listen to what we were after. He researched and found properties which matched our needs and budget. Once we found the right property for us, Steve served as an excellent negotiator and guide through the signing process (and beyond). If anything, I am a little sad that we found a house so quickly as we miss spending time with him!


Steve was incredibly helpful in selling our house. We wanted to work with an agent who was going to be as passionate about our Fickett as we were. We put 10+ years into restoring it and not only did Steve help us find a great buyer, he helped us get the house into sellable condition. Throughout the entire process he was patient, gave great advice, resourceful and fun. Our house sold in roughly 10 days. Thanks Steve! We are excited to find our next project with you!


Steve is a true professional. My wife and I recently bought a house with Steve and the experience was smooth sailing the entire time. Not only is Steve is a Mid Century Modern expert & preservationist that is incredibly passionate about MCM. His expertise in Real Estate and the nuances of the Southern California system with regards to purchasing a home are uncanny. Steve see's issues with properties immediately and can identify opportunities from simply looking at a map. During our buying process Steve made us feel comfortable and was never pushy with regards to a sell. If anything he kept holding me back from making an emotional purchase many times. I not only plan on using Steve again I consider him a friend. If you're looking for an MCM expert who is knowledgeable, passionate, a professional and trustworthy look no further.


First things first, I can not recommend Steve Ward enough, he has the patience of a monk. Steve is the first realtor I have met, and will probably be the last. Stevezie works around the clock, sends emails all hours of the day, and gets the job done. He stuck by my wife and I for three long years, he would call to console us when we got out bid (which was a lot) I mean we invited this guy to our wedding. As we are moving into to our dream home he texts us checking on our new place, asking if we need anything, send him photos of the house, etc. He helped my wife clean the house the day after we moved in. If you want someone who can make you laugh, write professional emails, but doesn't sound like a robot, has more knowledge then the Internet on homes, has calculator built into his brain, can make friends with anyone, and knows tons of people then you want Steve. Steve for president - oh oops wrong email..:)

Thanks Steve


Steve Ward helped me purchase my very first property (a condo). I'm sure I was a challenge for Steve because of my limited budget, but he was very patient and helpful and explained everything to me. He's also very honest and if he didn't have a good feeling about something, he would say so. I was starting to get desperate because I had so few options, but because he's so experienced, he was patient and encouraged me to wait for the right property instead of buying something I wasn't thrilled about. He actually cared about getting me into a place where I would be happy. In the end, he was so right! I now have an adorable little condo in a great mid-century building with a view of the city. It's heavenly. I'm so grateful that I had Steve's help.